In the early 60s, with the public so interested in style and performance, the Berlinetta form would soon proliferate and become accessible to every middle car sport enthusiast.

The Berlinetta’s allure, momentum and dynamics in the marketplace were not lost on the ISO company and her advisors.
On October 27, 1963, the Torino Auto Show saw the debut of one of the greats. Styled in the Nuccio Bertone Atelier by the enfant prodigy Giorgetto Giugiaro, the ISO Rivolta A3 had been cloaked in legend and mystique for some time. Helping to cloud its history even further, two versions were produced over the following months.

The first, purely intended for competition, was the A3/C. The second was named Berlinetta Stradale. In order to fulfill the racing program with the aim of enhancing the notoriety of ISO Rivolta all over the world, Renzo Rivolta hired Giotto Bizzarrini as the head of racing activities.

The racing offshoot, ISO Rivolta A3 Corsa, successfully competed for two years on the most prestigious racetracks in the world, winning in its class at Le Mans 1964 and 1965. Read More